Our publications explore the latest trends and research in outsourcing, facility management and workplace experience design.

Annual Report 2020

Dive into our 2020 Annual Report to learn more about our business and performance. 2020 was a challenging year due to the global pandemic. With the OneISS strategy, the recovery journey has now commenced.

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The future of outsourcing

ISS commissioned the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS) with the assignment to develop a number of scenarios for the future of the global facility management industry. The work turned into five ISS 2020 Vision White Books on future perspectives on the FM industry.

2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Read our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about how we strive to take good care of our employees, the environment and our customers.

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Perspectives on facility and workplace management

Our white papers provide longer-form insights into key aspects of facility management, workplace experience and outsourcing services.

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